Disclaimer & PR

I feel a little bit pretentious writing the following but I want to be completely honest with my readers. I ultimately blog for fun, but there are some instances where business opportunities arise and I feel it is perfectly fine to accept these if certain guidelines are met. 

I am writing this due to the fact that it also protects my own work from being plagiarised or being used elsewhere without my permission. I know its boring but please take the time to read the following:

If you are a company/small business owner who would like to contact me regarding collaborations, advertisement or any other business proposals, please email me katieachubb@gmail.co.uk

I will only accept proposals which I feel are fitting with my blog please bare this in mind.

Please do not use any content I have written or photographs that I have taken for your own use without my permission. If you would like to use something I will be very flattered, but I would appreciate it if you contact me so we can discuss it frist-katieachubb@gmail.com. I will of course asked to be credited- Katie Chubb- wearthefrocks.blogspot.co.uk


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