Trying Out Forever Products

I have always had quite a basic, low cost skin care routine, I like to keep it quick and simple so that I am able to ensure that I do it every day. It consists of high street products from Simple and Kiko. I was lucky enough to meet Lauren Black who introduced me to Forever Living and provided me with some samples to try out.

Aloe Face & Hand Soap was the first of the products that I used. I found it to be really nice and creamy- it felt like it was moisturising. I usually put hand cream on after washing my hands to stop them drying, but I didn't feel I needed to after using this. The skin on my face is quite sensitive and so I was unsure about using it on my face but the soap was very mild and created a really lovely lather. 

Forever Aloe Scrub was the next product that I tried. I always neglect to exfoliate my face, I know how important it is to remove the dead skin but I just seem to forget! However, after using this delicate scrub just a couple of times I noticed a difference. The scrub removes the dead skin that makes skin look dull leaving behind more fresh and VERY soft skin! 

After cleansing and exfoliating, I tried out the Forever Aloe Moisturising Lotion. It worked as a really nice base for my make-up. It was quite thick but absorbed very quickly. I used this cream on my legs- which are often really dry. This helped and after 4 applications (over 4 days)  I noticed an improvement in the dryness. 

I was also given the Aloe Nourishing Serum to try. I used this on my face at night once I had removed my make-up and cleansed. It claimed to restore youthful complexion, at 22 I feel I still have quite good skin, so I didn't really notice much benefit of this other than using it as a moisturiser but it was still really nice to use and felt quite luxurious on my face. 

Out of all of the products my favourite has been the Forever Aloe Lips . I love it! It has become a staple part of my make-up bag.  After just one use my lips felt really smooth and the balm stayed on through food and drink. I hate it when you have to keep reapplying product. It has a "normal" taste and left my lips feeling really smooth, I usually have peeling lips and since using they feel much better. 

I am really happy that I have been able to try out some of the Forever Aloe products. Forever Living stock a really wide range of products ranging from skincare, to fitness and weight management, they even sell animal and home products. If you would like to find out more about the brand click HERE


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