Five Pinterest Boards You'll Be Inspired By

Pinterest is the biggest source of inspiration you kind find online, whatever you are looking for you will find it on there. 

At Wear the Frocks we definitely use it to show what we love and desire when it comes to lifestyle and fashion. Image after image can give you any source of inspiration even if you were not looking for any. Today we are giving our own inspiration by showing you five boards that you should be following!

Trendland is a wonderful website were they exposure well known and up and coming creatives. Their Pinterest boards especially street style based boards are inspired by the range of bold and colour fashions that are on trend at the moment.If you like street style and photography this is the place to go for inspiration.

Not all the boards we follow at Wear The Frocks are about fashion and people wearing them, but the stuff we desire and would love to add to our wish list. Urban Outfitters may be a common and popular choice but can you blame anyone! every item makes you fall in love with it, maybe it is how it looks or how it was captured.. either way you want to be following this board.

A Beautiful Mess is a well known blog run by two sisters (one Elsie Larson) their blog is based around fashion/DIY/lifestyle/food and their Pinterest shows just that. The best thing about their boards is that they use a lot of their own photographs that are used on the blog. We think this is amazing because you can see exactly what the love and inspired by.

You can never get enough inspiration from street style photography especially when it is based around the one person, you can get the feel and idea of what their style is. You may not know who Amiee Song is, but I tell you just from the photograph below you dont need to, to fall in love with her fashion sense.

Beautiful Buys, it says it in the name. Once again we love lifestyle items that would brighten up our homes and are just completely to die for. and as pastel colours are in the fashion trends of the summer, we thought that this board would be perfect to compliment just that. (Plus that Hello Tape is going on my wish list)

Boards that have a large range of fashion trends and styles are very addictive, you scroll and scroll and scroll, but there is nothing wrong with that. These are the best places to go for inspiration on new looks, photography ideas and even to update yourself on current trends. So if you were thinking about doing just that have a look at Bri Emery.

We hope you find inspiration in the boards we have presented you, because there is some beautiful stuff too look at. and while you are on Pinterest have a look at our up and coming page:


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