Whats In My Make Up Bag? Tag!

I thought I would give one of these "tags" a whirl! I must say I have quite a boring make-up regime, I can never seem to achieve the "look" from make-up tutorials and despite my Mum being a beautician, at Sabiha Beauty (interview to follow soon), I never seem to pick up on her amazing make-up skills.

Ever since I was a pre-teen, I can always remember my Mum's good advice telling me to "cleanse, tone and moisturise every day" and "remove make-up before sleeping". 

I try my best to abide by this advice (sometimes when I have had one too many, I forget and wake up with black smudges all over my pillow case-no hiding the evidence!)

The first product that I carry round with me and apply before putting on any sort of make-up is my Simple "Replenishing Rich Moisturiser". I just smooth gently into my face and neck using upward and outward movements after I shower. It is really cheap and I feel it works for me. 

Rimmel BB Cream is a new addition to my make-up bag. I was a little sceptical at first about using this instead of a foundation, however after application, I feel that it is a brilliant, lighter alternative. It provides light- mid coverage. When applied on top of my moisturiser, it gives a really nice level of moisture without my oil prone areas breaking out. Priced at around £6.50 it is one of the more reasonable BB creams on the high street. The SPF 25 is an added bonus, I wore it in Rome and it was perfect as a normal foundation is just too much in the heat.  

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation- 200 Soft Beige, is the foundation that I swear by. It gives me perfect coverage and is just the right shade for my skin. When I am going on a big night out I sometimes wear this on top of a thin layer of the BB Cream for maximum coverage and that more "perfect skin" look. I apply it with The Bodyshop Foundation Brush, it gives a flawless finish and is super soft. I feel it provides a very professional finish. 

I usually use a Rimmel pressed powder, but I recently bought this Natural Collection one as it was very, very cheap and as a student sometimes you have to scrimp a little! I was so happy with the lasting result and amazing matt finish it left on-top of both the BB Cream and the Foundation. I applied with The Bodyshop Powder Brush which allows for an even flawless finish. 

This Natural Collection Blusher came just as cheap as the above pressed powder, so I just couldn't say "No". It is a very light pink and so works well for me as I already have quite rosy skin. It lasted really well and for the price of less than £3.00 I can't complain!  

 I apply a very limited amount of The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder with the The Body Shop Bronzing Brush. I always worried about looking "tangoed" but I think this one is just the right tone for my skin.  

To finish off on my face, I apply Benefit High-Beam.It is a great highlighter that lasts ages as you only need a tiny bit each time. I apply it to my cheek and brow bones to highlight and brighten things up. 

I only recently started using an eyebrow pencil and seeing as a lot of my make-up is Rimmel, I decided to give this one a go. It is a little lighter than my natural eye-brows but the brush on the end is really good for blending it in, resulting in natural looking eye brows. 

I use this Bodyshop eyeshadow Brush to apply the Bodyshop eyeshadow. I use this product both during the day and into the night as it is quite light and subtile if you only apply a little bit, but you can layer it for a darker look.

I know this eyeliner isn't great! It seems to end up all over my eyelids, but I just have no idea what other one to choose! There are so many out there but I never get round to exploring so end up picking up this MUA one for £1 in Superdurg every time! I don't recommend it really but it is alright when you have make-up setting spray on. 

I thought I would try this Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme Black mascara, however I do prefer the one that I had before that was just the standard Scandaleyes product (all orange tube). I find this product to be quite thick and so causes my lashes to clump together! 


  1. Love love this blog katie and nice to see you took my advise on skincare, yes you are in need of a new eyeliner and dont keep mascara for too long as this is not good either. I am liking whats in your make up bag :-)