River Island- Style Insider

Is it just me or is this a really lazy front cover? I feel like it is the product of a year 12 media project, not something to come out of one of the most recognised high street brands. 
The gradient on the title and title fonts are in my opinion, hideous and show a lack of creativity. 
I was really surprised that such a sub-standard outcome has been allowed to "grace" the shop floors.

It wasn't just the cover that was lazy, the content within the brand publication was also rather... (for want of a better word) limp. These zines are aimed at young women who are fashion forward and want inspiration and assurance, that River Island is the place they can go to achieve the current looks and high street trends. 

I feel that this is more appropriate for the younger readers of Mizz Magazine than the more advanced and intellectual 18-25 age bracket that I believe the brand to be aiming at,
"8 super bloggers show us how they are wearing denim"...Really? 
"Retro styles are given a modern spin"...Come on! 

They have used their campaign images as part of their editorials and just added some descriptive captions.  I  just feel that when they are competing with the likes of the Topshop brand zine, which was executed to perfection, with new content, interesting lay outs and more sophisticated copy, River Island  really need to up there game if they intend to compete.

Ok, so rant over, but I just felt something had to be said about this and I just hope that the next edition of "Style Inside" has more style inside. 


  1. haha i completely agree with you!! bad design annoys me so much, theres so many people out there with amazing graphic design skills who cant get a job and companies still manage to hire people who just churn out crap! i'd love it if youd check out my blog and comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/vintage-bomber-ootd.html xx

    1. It's just such a shame when there is the potential for it to be done so well!! Thanks for taking the time to comment- I'm quite new to blogging and so I really appreciate it!!! xx