Topshop has teamed up with Adidas Originals, for a new 20 piece collection that after weeks of speculation and suspense, launched today. I made my way to the Nottingham store to take a look!

All of the garments feature the trademark Adidas logo, highlighting the brands effortless cool. The hi-top trainer styles have come straight from the Adidas Originals archives (Although they are not available in the Nottingham store at the moment).

Topshop have added their personal touch to the garments by including modern and artistic graffiti print which was inspired by London landmarks and created by Topshop designers, in addition to pastel-coloured florals which make the collection fresh and modern.

Sports Luxe is a big trend for SS.14 with it trainers featuring in the Chanel show and  multiple other sports brands such as Nike, collaborating in order to bring sportswear to the forefront of fashion.

The collection consists of classic sweatshirts with matching printed tracksuit bottoms, cute block colour shorts and relaxed vests. 

The creative director at Topshop- Kate Phelan said the collection aims to bring "femininity" to the Adidas Originals' sports designs. She also noted that the collection is designed to be worn as a fashion range. 

After seeing the preview in the brand zine a few weeks ago, I have been anticipating the rest of the collection. As a whole I think it is pretty average, apart from the prints Topshop haven't really been bold in their additions, they have taken an already successful and prominent design and added some scribbles hearts and flowers. 

 Adidas Originals have a specific target audience that has developed through cult football followers since the 1980's. I see this as an admirable attempt to raise Originals brand awareness through high street fashion, however is this at the peril of their true fans?


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