REVIEW: Bleach London Rosé "Super Cool Colour"

Dying my hair pink is something I have been contemplating for a while, seeing all these "uber cool" and totally amazing fashion bloggers such as Amy Valentine  and Victoria Magrath with their pink locks just inspired me further.  I am a bit of a wimp so, would never do anything too drastic or permanent- just encase! After a little bit of goggling, and some persuasion from my friends, I decided to go for it.

I went to boots and found the last bottle of Rosé hair dye on a Saturday afternoon and quickly took it to the till. I was so eager to try this product that I decided to dye my hair as soon as I got in. 

The instructions tell you to shampoo your hair first, towel dry and then apply the dye with rubber gloves on (these are not included). You then massage in and leave on your hair for 15 minutes. Surprisingly quick! Obviously a dye like this requires pre-lightened/ bleach blonde hair for a maximum effect, however mine is a dark blonde with highlights so I knew they it wouldn't have too much of an impact. 

I found the dye to very different to other dyes I have used, it's  thick, paste-like consistent made it brilliant as it meant that the dye didn't drip while waiting for it to develop. . I used approximately 3/4 of the bottle to cover my hair. 

As the timer counted down, the colour developed into a VERY bright pink- I started to panic!!  I had planned on having a pastel, candy floss pink not anything too wild!   

When washing out, it took a while for the water to run clear, once washed out, it suggests you don't shampoo/wash again, I wasn't sure if I could use conditioner, so I opted for a leave-in conditioner instead as my hair felt like it needed some moisture- it needs a trim, so isn't in the best of conditions! 

Upon drying the colour became much paler and I was left with the pastel pink shade I was looking for. It took a bit of getting used to but the colour was pretty even!  I noticed it didn't take as well to my darker roots, which is totally understandable as they are quite dark. 

A week later and my hair is almost back to it's original colour, only a little bit of a pink tinge can be seen. I would say it would take 10 washes on my hair to get rid of the colour completely. I was happy with this as I didn't want anything that lasted, just a quick change for something a little different!   


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