INTERVIEW: Fashion Blogger Lorna Weightman

I met Lorna Weightman at a blogging event in London. She told me about her blog and I was really inspired to start my own blog.

Lorna is one of Ireland’s leading fashion commentators and presenters who works between Dublin and London. Lorna has contributed to many Irish publications, including, U Magazine, The Irish Times, RTE Fashion, Prudence and the Sunday World, and was recently profiled by the Sunday Independent as a rising star in fashion. 

Lorna also has a regular fashion feature in the Metro Herald Dublin and covers everything from fashion weeks to new collections. In the UK, Lorna has become a fashion contributor for The Green Resident and The Westside magazines and also blogs regularly for the Huffington Post UK and Grazia Daily on style and entertainment. 

Since 2012, Lorna can be seen regularly presenting coverage of fashion events for MSN UK. Lorna is no stranger to television and radio and makes regular appearances on RTE and TV3 on popular lifestyle shows such as Xpose and Ireland AM. Lorna is a regular guest contributor for style and entertainment on Spin South West and Spin 1038 Dublin. 

With a popular presence on social networks, like Twitter, Lorna keeps her followers up to date with all the latest fashion news and gossip and has a large following on her fashion blog

I was really pleased to be able to catch up with her and ask her a few questions about life as a fashion blogger! 

Q1.What made you start your blog?

I have loved fashion as long as I can remember and having been modelling all through my teenage years, I felt like I need to express myself creatively and decided a blog was the best way to do that.

Q2. How do you decide what to feature?

I am inspired by everything and anything. I do receive a lot of press releases everyday and something will just catch my eye and that’s it, I have to write about it. 

I do try and write a lot of style posts about my own personal tastes and outfits as much as I can, so if I am wearing an outfit I really love, I will always tell my readers about it.

Q3. What is the best thing about blogging for you?

The freedom to say what you want. You are your own author and editor so it’s up to you to call the shots. I love having creative license over the content of my blog.

Q4. Top blogging tip?

Make sure you write about something you love. Readers are perceptive and can tell if you are not passionate about something. You just have to love it!

Q5. How would you define your style?

It’s edgy with a little classic style added in. I like separates so every once in a while I will go through my wardrobe to make up outfits I can literally just pull out and throw on. I love playing with my clothes!

Q6. Who inspires you?

I have so many icons but I love Olivia Palermo, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to her style!

Q7. Have you ever had any fashion disasters? If so what are they?

Oh too many! I dyed my hair pink when I was 16 which was a complete disaster and I went through a grunge phase too which really didn’t suit me. My mum told me years later that she said nothing at the time, as she knew I would eventually define my own style which worked for me and my personality.

Q8. What style tips do you have for 2014?

Have fun with your clothes, experiment with trends but don’t overwhelm yourself with them either!

Q9. What do you have planned for next year?

I am doing more TV work in the UK which I am really excited about and I’ll continue to contribute to the publications that I already write for, like the Metro Herald in Dublin and The Resident in the UK.

 I do have a few surprises but I can’t tell you about those just yet!!

We will just have to keep out eyes peeled to see what Lorna gets up to next!! 


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